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Message from the Commanding Officer - Message from HLCol Garber

As I look forward to 2016 and the 150th Anniversary of our Regiment, on behalf of all serving members of The Brockville Rifles I am excited to welcome you to the Regimental Society's 150th Anniversary web page. The Regimental Anniversary Committee, being led by LCol (Ret'd) Jeff Shaver and his superb team of former and serving Regimental members, have been busy preparing for the celebration to come in 2016. This web site is an excellent opportunity for the Committee to reach out to our Regimental Family and keep everyone informed of plans and progress now and throughout the 2016 celebrations.

I would like to take this privileged opportunity to invite our entire Regimental family, serving and former serving members, their families and friends of the Regiment, to get involved now so that we can make the 150th Anniversary celebrations the very best they can be. Even if you are not able to contribute your time or other resources toward this great celebration, please be sure to register your name with the Committee so that you will not miss any opportunity to participate throughout 2016.

Even at 150 years, our Regiment is older than the country we serve. We can trace our roots back to the War of 1812, having received two Battle Honours in 2012: NIAGARA and DEFENCE OF CANADA 1812-1815 in perpetuation of the Battalion of Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. The Brockville Rifles was also awarded the Honorary Distinction DEFENCE OF CANADA 1812-1815 in perpetuation of the 2nd Regiment of Leeds Militia (1812-1815). In fact, the Regiment can trace itself back as far as 1796 so I invite you to check out the Regimental history found on this web site. In more recent time, members of the Regiment have distinguished themselves in two World Wars, the Korean War, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Truly we have a proud history and I invite all of you to celebrate as part of the Regimental Family during the 150th Anniversary year in 2016.

Once again, welcome to the Regimental Society's 150th web site. Please take some time to explore the site and come back often. 2016 will be upon us before we know it so please do not miss out on the celebrations. Between now and the end of 2016, I look forward to meeting old friends, renewing acquaintances and getting to know those of you whom I have not yet had the opportunity to meet. Remember, once a Brock always a Brock!

Semper Paratus!

I feel privileged to join the Commanding Officer and the Hon LColHonorary Colonel in welcoming you to the Brockville Rifles web site - the on line home of one of the Canadian Army's longest serving regiments - on the eve of our sesquicentennial. Through this site, users have access to a wealth of information about our proud unit - ranging from our proud history through present day organization and activities to our upcoming 150th Anniversary celebrations.

As a former Commanding Officer of the Brocks, and currently the unit's Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, I take great pride in the accomplishments of our regiment: the accomplishments of soldiers who have work the Brocks' cap badge on active service in Canada from the War of 1812 through the Ice Storm of 1998, and overseas in the Fields of France and Flanders, in Jamaica and elsewhere in the Second World War, and most recently in Afghanistan. The Brocks have earned a hard won reputation for serving the city for which we are named, our county of Leeds Grenville, our province of Ontario and our nation - Canada!

To those of you with an interest in local history, in Canada's Army or perhaps contemplating military service - welcome. To those of you who have served in the Brocks - welcome back!


Lieutenant-Colonel R.S. (Rick) Garber, CD
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel
The Brockville Rifles

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